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We have been helping homecare agencies of all sizes find caring reliable caregivers for their clients for a few years now.  Whether it  is a short term staffing need, or a long-term direct hire, we use the same criteria for finding their talent, by looking for someone we would want caring for our own family.

Though the needs of many home healthcare agencies are different on a day to day workflow basis, the desire to secure the highest level of care for their clientele is the same.  Our role with these agencies is primarily to help recruit and staff quality STNA’s to supplement the nursing staff.

Whether it is a new facility opening, a new wing, or just maintaining the regular turnover cycles, we can help the HR teams find the right people to fill facility positions.

  • Homecare Staffing 90%
  • Facilities 80%
  • Home Healthcare 92%



“I really liked when Matt sat with my mother and got to know her. He even brought her some ice cream bars. It was really sweet of him to do that. The caregivers were very nice, caring and responsible.  Before my mother died, I made an appointment with her to go for an eye exam. My daughter accompanied her. I called Matt to meet my mother there because my daughter just couldn’t really handle her by herself. It just gave me a peace of mind that I could count on him to do things for my mother. It was really nice.”
– Cheryl –

“I went online one night about 9pm and saw Vesta Care. It’s close to home and their services sounded good. I filled out the form and submitted and just after a few seconds, Matt called me. He talked to me like I’ve known him forever. He came out to my dad’s house and assessed him. He was there for a couple of hours and actually interacted with my dad. It was the first time that my dad had ever sat at the kitchen table for two hours straight and talked to somebody. My dad has dementia and couldn’t really focus on a conversation but Matt was able to keep him focused. Matt involved him in the treatment plan and everything.  They’re professional and friendly. You couldn’t find a better company or caregivers than Matt’s team.  They’re wonderful.”
– Lori –

“My sister found Vesta Care for mom. My mom was perfectly satisfied with them. She used them for a couple of weeks. The management and the caregivers were very good.”
– Christine  –

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