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“Vesta Care was amazing …I had no idea what to do when I was in the process of getting my mom to move her here to Columbus. I had spoke to many agencies but with Matt I felt everything would be ok. I trusted him and his agency to take care of my mother, my prize possession. I felt a peace that everything would be ok and if I needed anything Matt would be there and he was Many TIMES over. My mom loves Matt and so do I ..Even taking her out to eat and sitting with her to just chat and get to know her. Help was only a phone call away. Now my mom and I feel Matt is part of our family. Vestacare is the best home health care PERIOD. If will be the best decision for your loved one.”
– Jill R.-

“Vesta Care is an exceptional organization. When I first contacted Matt Alloway, the agency owner, about their in-home care services he was very attentive to our needs and then very patiently explained his agency and how they could meet our specific needs. I was impressed with his calm reassuring mannerism and the extensive experience of Matt and his large care giving staff in working with Alzheimer’s/dementia patients in their own homes. He was quickly able to select and adjust the schedule of one of his staff who he thought best matched our initial needs. Then he arranged to bring the lady to our house for an informal interview to unilaterally help fully assess the needs and personality matches before we made our decision to purchase their services. In meeting changing scheduling needs, we have worked somewhat interchangeably with 4 Vesta Care staff members in our home, including Matt himself. They have all been highly experienced and dedicated people who have provided excellent Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care, housekeeping activities, and respite services. They have all been extremely kind and caring and fit right in. We have been very comfortable with all of them in our home. They are like part of our family.”
– Jack –

“Vesta Care is the real-deal. They worked hard to get my VA application approved. Matt worked with us for weeks to get the paperwork together. All the while, he made sure my wife had the care she needed.”
– Gail –

“I really liked when Matt sat with my mother and got to know her. He even brought her some ice cream bars. It was really sweet of him to do that. The caregivers were very nice, caring and responsible.  Before my mother died, I made an appointment with her to go for an eye exam. My daughter accompanied her. I called Matt to meet my mother there because my daughter just couldn’t really handle her by herself. It just gave me a peace of mind that I could count on him to do things for my mother. It was really nice.”
– Cheryl –

“I went online one night about 9pm and saw Vesta Care. It’s close to home and their services sounded good. I filled out the form and submitted and just after a few seconds, Matt called me. He talked to me like I’ve known him forever. He came out to my dad’s house and assessed him. He was there for a couple of hours and actually interacted with my dad. It was the first time that my dad had ever sat at the kitchen table for two hours straight and talked to somebody. My dad has dementia and couldn’t really focus on a conversation but Matt was able to keep him focused. Matt involved him in the treatment plan and everything.  They’re professional and friendly. You couldn’t find a better company or caregivers than Matt’s team.  They’re wonderful.”
– Lori –

“My sister found Vesta Care for mom. My mom was perfectly satisfied with them. She used them for a couple of weeks. The management and the caregivers were very good.”
– Christine  –

“Vesta Care is doing a great job with my mom, who has had two strokes, suffers from early/mild dementia and wants to stay in her own home. Vesta caregivers come in several times a week and it is such a relief and comfort to know someone experienced and competent is there to take the some of the load off. They help with laundry, meals and shopping and sometimes with taking her to appts. They are kind and caring, and I can’t imagine my mom being able to stay in her own home without them on board.”
– Jill L. –


Quality Employement


That Fits Your Needs



We have been helping families navigate the challenging times that comes with the progressive disease of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  Whether it is a short-term companionship, or a long-term need with personal care, we use the same criteria for finding their talent, by looking for someone we would want caring for our own family.

As our younger lives move us from place to place and we attempt to strike that perfect work/life balance, the life changes of our loved ones are more difficult without the help of professionals.  We see our aides as a professional extension of your family, to be there at the times when you can not, and be your eyes and ears.  Because we do this everyday, and have seen clients with similar needs, we will begin to pick up on patterns not so easily noticed.  This results in improved comfort and care for your loved ones.

Be the spouse, mother, daughter, sister, father, brother, that you want to be, and were, before the life changing health event created the role of caregiver for you.  We can help with the personal care needs of anyone, with any diagnosis, who desires to stay at home and be as comfortable and independent as possible.  By doing so, you can continue to be the person you are to your loved one, without the stress of the daily caregiver duties.

  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care 90%
  • Extension of Your Family 80%
  • Personal Care 92%

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