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Transitioning Home After A Life-Changing Health Event

Personal Care

Be the spouse, mother, daughter, sister, father, brother, that you want to be, and were, before the life changing health event created the role of caregiver for you.  We can help with the personal care needs of anyone, with any diagnosis, who desires to stay at home and be as comfortable and independent as possible.  By doing so, you can continue to be the person you are to your loved one, without the stress of the daily caregiver duties.



Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

We have been helping families navigate the challenging times that comes with the progressive disease of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  Whether it is a short-term companionship, or a long-term need with personal care, we use the same criteria for finding their talent, by looking for someone we would want caring for our own family.



Extension of Your Family

As our younger lives move us from place to place and we attempt to strike that perfect work/life balance, the life changes of our loved ones are more difficult without the help of professionals.  We see our aides as a professional extension of your family, to be there at the times when you can not, and be your eyes and ears.  Because we do this everyday, and have seen clients with similar needs, we will begin to pick up on patterns not so easily noticed.  This results in improved comfort and care for your loved ones.

Everyday we talk to seniors, and their families, about not waiting for “the emergency” before asking for help.  It is imperative to plan ahead and prepare for that occasion when help is needed.  When families wait to the last minute, the assistance will be much harder to come by, for everyone involved.  Decisions get rushed, caregivers are less informed of care needs, families are on their heels about options, and the person in need of care gets the brunt of the additional stress and anxiety.  Call us at the first signs of need.  We can meet up and guide your family through the process, without the last-minute pressures.